When are orders shipped out?
Orders are shipped out once a week, but some items may take longer to be shipped out since most items in our shop are made to order.

When will my order arrive?
Arrival time depends on your location and distance from us (Santa Clara, CA), but some orders may take longer than others if you are ordering an item that takes a bit longer to make.

What sort of payment do you accept?
We accept paypal which accepts major credit cards. Unfortunately we do nt accept checks, money orders or cash mailed to us.

I want to model your items, what can I do?
Sorry but I do not send out free items unless I contacted you. As a photographer I have access to models so anytime I need shots for my items I do them myself or send them to friends to shoot in.

When will you have more items?
Currently we are doing tons over on our side, but expect a few new and cute items added to the shop before 2012 ends!